“Atlantic”, 60x48in, oil on canvas, 2017

The story behind “Atlantic” is one that you might not readily see. This is a happy shade of blue—a lovely, light colored figure in white—a picture of tranquility and peace. What I was feeling, however, was longing: a sense of wanting something I will never have…of loving, wanting, and needing something beyond my grasp. The ocean, between me and this (seemingly) intangible thing, was the widest and deepest expanse…impassible…impossible…


The blue came to me in this way and sort of became “the ocean”. The figure in the white dress became a representation of a sort of purity, akin to virginity perhaps, but clearly symbolic of a sense of staying true to a deeper sense of value.


This all sounds pretty abstract, even for me, but rather than be overtly literal, I think it’s so much more interesting to understand that even MY interpretation of this piece came late to me, like a club to the head.  I was feeling something and processing the energy of it all with more of a mechanical process than a thoughtful, directed one. It wasn’t until I completed the piece that I’d understood it’s meaning. And what a profoundly beautiful experience that moment was!


If you take away my thoughts and my words, and all you see are my paintings, I really wonder how YOU might interpret them. It’s amazing how a piece of art (just as with music) can bring you to a moment in time…a memory…an experience. It’s so powerful.