Shining Through the Holidays

The holiday season is a stressful time…an anxious time…a warm, loving, family time…

It is a great many things and certainly something different for each and every one of us—no question. For me, I am speaking from pure “stream of consciousness”, when I say GRATITUDE is typically the first thing that pops into my mind this time of year. But oh…that’s an easy one. I can’t help but feel so much of that when I look at all that I hold dear in my life now—particularly in comparison to where I once was.

Having lived a life filled with so many stories has shaped who I am today. I even feel gratitude for that, though that may seem terribly abstract to those of you who know me well enough. The pain, heartbreak, terror, trauma, grief and sheer anguish we all endure in life are just a few of the multiple facets of the diamonds we all are. Some of us may be a bit more of a “rough cut”, but we still reflect our light upon one another. Right?

I am a survivor, a seeker, and a spiritual warrior. I want to be calm and peaceful every single time I am challenged, but still this does not come as easy as I want (all too often). Forgiveness does not come easy. Uncertainty can be so frightening. So I continue. I learn. I grow. And alas…

Alas, 40x40in (101.6×101.6cm),  oil on canvas wrapped panel, 2015


Alas is a piece about finally feeling free of uncertainty…it’s about arriving in that place where you feel solid ground beneath your feet…where you have a safe and unshakeable sense of security. This is a deeply spiritual piece for me. The figure represents a strength and purpose that I hope to attain in this lifetime…I am a bodhisattva…always seeking Enlightenment…and this figure is showing me the way…







Peace,  68x72in (172.72×182.88cm), oil on canvas wrapped panel, 2015 


Peace is about forgiveness and love; and about embracing the flawed and imperfectly beautiful being that you are. Life throws so many things at us that can break us down and destroy us…OR, we can let these things roll on by, with acceptance and forgiveness. I choose the latter, and in this painting I am childlike, innocent, and pure—yet, standing strong and capable along the blue horizon, meaning eternity. Peace = Eternal Strength…of spirit…of mind…of heart. My wish to us all: Peace.



I am here.

With you.

Thank you for reading this. I want you to know how grateful I am that YOU are a part of my life. Your spirit and energy warms my soul, and I hope that mine does for you. I wish you health, happiness, creativity, power, and so so much love through this holiday season and always.