Knowing When to Take a Break

I’ve never been good at sitting still. My mother used to say I was hyper-active, though I don’t think I was that extreme. Taking breaks was just never my strong suit. What’s that saying? “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop”? There is no devil getting anywhere near this girl.

Well… maybe he’s inching closer. 

I’ve worked really hard over the last year, in particular, and as much as I continue to look ahead for bigger and bigger projects, I do feel how my work takes its toll. There’s the very physical side of what I do, and yeah, I feel that. There’s the emotional and energetic component to my practice – also very taxing. And there’s the actual running of a business and managing employees – something I always had a hard time imagining I’d need. So here I am, with all of these things that I do everyday – in addition to being a very present and available wife and mother. I have employees for my work, but I don’t have help at home. I do all over the tidying, shopping, cooking, laundry, homework help, driving here and there, you get the idea… So as has been the case since childhood, I never stop moving. At least not (historically) until something knocks me down, like illness or injury.

I have been humbled over the years. These occasions of being knocked down have been difficult, mostly because rest never comes easy – by my own design I suppose, but moms don’t rest. Do they?

Well suffice it to say, I have been humbled enough times that I have been working to try and tune into my inner cues (as well as the outer ones), and respect and nurture myself when it is needed. Now is one of those times. I created a show of over 40 pieces and shipped that to Paris. I’ve increased my representation around the country, I’ve worked on so many commissions… I can go on and on… but yeah, it’s time.

I’m on vacation!!! I’m taking two weeks off and traveling and re-energizing my body, mind and spirit. I will be back in the studio on July 22nd ready to work and be fully present in my practice.

I am visiting Quebec, New York, Amsterdam and Brussels. I hope you’re all enjoying your summer. Please let me know if you’re traveling anywhere interesting!

~ René