Knowing When to Take a Break

I’ve never been good at sitting still. My mother used to say I was hyper-active, though I don’t think I was that extreme. Taking breaks was just never my strong suit. What’s that saying? “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop”? There is no devil getting

Exhibiting Outside of the US

There are innumerable considerations when putting on a show in another country, and some countries are surely more challenging than others. Over the years, I’ve gotten so many questions about overseas shows from collectors, friends and acquaintances, and other artists about everything from finances to

In My Youth

There are things about my childhood that I wish I could definitively wipe from my memory. There were some absolutely awful things… terrifying things… things that hurt me more than I thought I could live through. But, fact is, there were good things too. Seemingly,


You can ask me any question, and I could get so flustered, self-conscious, and choked up that I could hardly keep my composure. PTSD and Social Anxiety Disorder have held a firm grip on my throat for much of my life. But ask me about


When I was just a kid, I had a lot of struggles. One of them was around language. My grandparents spoke Spanish, and then when I lived in Ecuador, that became my only language. I came back to Chicago in the summer before second grade

The Goddess Within

Oh, Valentine’s Day…a day fraught with such emotion…a day of expectation, desire, hope, fear, loneliness

Do Something

If I call myself an artist, what does that mean? I am not simply creative…I’m not particularly “crafty”…I’m not even sure if I’m terribly inventive. For me, the definition goes much deeper. I am expressive in every facet of my creative practice, and this is

Long Term Storage of Fine Art

Hurricane Michael has wreaked havoc across the Eastern seaboard, and my heart goes out to all those that have lost homes, loved ones, and the struggles they will endure rebuilding what once was.   In light of this natural disaster, I have already begun to receive calls