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René’s Book for 2019



This summer René released an amazing 260 page, hardcover, COFFEE TABLE BOOK of her work! This beautiful book has a grey linen cover with rose gold foil lettering. Each page is full color on 135lb stock. The foreword essay is written by renowned Art Historian Dr. Carol Damian, with a special essay by Studio Manager Megan Bonke, and a personal essay by René! There are brief notes on specific pieces by René throughout, and what makes this book truly unique are the several poems contained within taken from René’s 1982 journal. This book is a true labor of love, and we are beyond proud to have put this thing together!

  • Layout by Michael Garzel
  • Art and Gallery Photos by Tom Van Eynde
  • Photos of René by Ross Feighery


All profits from the sales of the book at the October 8, 2019 event at The Gallery in Lake Forest, IL are being donated to Art Impact Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing emotional wellness through creative expression. For all general book sales, proceeds will benefit The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.


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